Hope 4 Homeless A 100% Non Profit

Helping Our Community

Hope 4 Homeless is a Federally Registered 501(C)(3) Non Profit.   100% of Donations go towards meals,  hygiene products & clothing for homeless individuals & families. We are a true Non Profit. There are no paid salaries.

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Every week, Hope 4 Homeless works with local teenagers in the community. Teenagers that come from all walks of life. Some in the National Jr Honor Society, some coming from New Havens Project Youth Court. We make it a point that we don’t only distribute clothing, food, & hygienic items to homeless people and families. We make sure to teach the next generation about the realities of homelessness. We help our youth understand that homelessness can happen to anyone.  Something as simple as losing a job, losing a love one, getting sick, getting divorced or basically anything that happens in your life can set you down a path that you can’t correct. 

Step inside someone else's shoes. Imagine, you just lost everything and have nowhere to turn. You have nowhere to go. You’ve been walking all day; your feet are tired. You sit down, only to have people stepping passed you with disgust in their face. Calling you names, spitting on you, you have nowhere to go, no where to shower and the insults just keep getting worse as time goes by. 

We're here to make sure you don’t lose hope. We're here to grab your hand, and pull you back up. We want to give you that razor or deodorant. We want to give you that soap. We want to feed you that meal. We want to give you those clothes. We want to give you hope that it will get better. We can’t without donations. We just can’t afford the razors to give you, we can’t afford the soap, we cant afford the toothbrushes & toothpaste, we cant afford the clothes, we can't afford the food. We cant do it on our own. We need the help of others to complete our mission.