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One of the major issues we encounter is “The reintroduction to society after prison.”

When Someone gets sent to prison for using or selling drugs, they find drugs are easier to get in those walls. If an individual gets sent for assault, we are putting them in an environment that is consistently violent. No matter what sent them to prison in the first place;

When someone comes out of prison, they return to the same life they had before. 

Our perspective was to find a way to restructure the judicial system without removing jobs. Determine a way to reform the individual, while benefiting their position in society.

It's about time we give our judges the ability to correct a constituent’s path. To find a new perspective instead of relying on an age old program that no longer works.

I believe that we can teach people respect, responsibility & teamwork to change the persons future, instead of giving them a life bouncing between prison and the streets. 

At a judge’s discretion we can place that individual in a program based off the values they would learn in boot camp, minus the weapons training. When the program has ended, we can offer them to continue training. We can give them a military career with the ability to go through college and own a home, when the current option only sets them up for failure.

See, we’re finding the deeper issues that lead to homelessness. We don’t want people just passed off to programs that wont work, we want to correct the issue before homelessness is even a thought.

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